Research Sub Committee

Our transition to Dementia Research Community means an even bigger focus on research into a cure for dementia. For this reason, a new sub-committee has been set up, led by Tom Chard.

The aim of the committee will be to exclusively fund scientific, laboratory-based research that plays a direct role in trying to find a cure or further understand dementia. Eligible research proposals can include data mining technologies, in-vitro, and / or animal-based models, or a combination of these modalities.

The role of the committee will be to identify, review and select appropriate research projects as well as communicate selection, progress and results to stakeholders.

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The committee will be made up of 5-6 members

  • 2 past or present Dementia Research Community executive committee members; in this instance Tom Chard and Pierre Sullivan.
  • 2 past or present medical or research professionals from related health fields; in this instance Dr. Kathryn Goozee and Dr Shah.
  • 1-2 representatives of the wider Dementia Research Community; in this instance Andy Harding.

This mix of representatives will

  • Ensure research project selection is in line with Dementia Research Community mission and goals
  • Allow critical input to sourcing, deciphering and understanding research projects as they are sourced and presented to DRC for funding
  • Allow a grassroots perspective and insight into the needs of riders in particular, or volunteers and sponsors

Tom Chard is a long time committee member and now head of the research sub committee.

My Mum was diagnosed with early onset dementia in her 50s, which was a shock to our whole family. She took the diagnosis in her stride and we tried to make the best of a difficult situation over the years, until she passed away in 2023. I jumped at the opportunity to be on the Bondi2Berry Committee which has given me a chance to tangibly be involved in dementia related initiatives and help continue to grow the event and community that is Bondi2Berry.

Pierre Sullivan is one of the founders of Bondi2Berry and was previously Vice President of the committee.

In 2015, my mother, aged only 63 years old was diagnosed with having early onset Dementia. After 2 years of looking for assistance, trying every channel for some kind of test, we finally got an actual diagnosis. However, with no structure for support, not yet at the retirement age of 65, it was left in the hands of her children. As a result, and after a discussion with Nick Young, we started Bondi2Berry, to try to make a difference, raise some money and awareness for a disease that is the 2nd biggest killer in Australia. With an ever-ageing population, it requires us more now than ever, to raise funds for research and create awareness for this terrible illness that wreaks havoc on relationships and families. Unfortunately, my Mum passed away in November 2019 from Dementia.

Dr. Kathryn Goozee is the founding Director/ CEO of the KaRa Institute of Neurological Diseases (KaRa MINDS) in Macquarie Park, NSW, and holds an Hon. A/Prof position within the medical faculty in Macquarie University. Kathryn has over 30yrs of clinical experience in dementia in a variety of health settings including hospital, residential, and the community.

She completed her PhD at the University of WA, conducting a clinical trial for the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease measuring cognitive, blood and brain imaging biomarkers. In 2008, Kathryn was one of the first Nurse Practitioners in Australia specialising in dementia and continues to use her broad experience to challenge the boundaries of existing health models. Kathryn is passionate about helping people find answers and to navigate the pathway for diagnosis, treatment, care, and research.

It’s not enough to care for people with dementia, we need treatment breakthroughs, and pathways to prevention. Working with the Dementia Research Community enables me to help support innovative quality research so that solutions can be found for the generations who follow.

Dr Shah is an experienced Research Fellow with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry and research with strong clinical translational potential.  Dr Shah possess over 19 years of medical, complimentary medicine, teaching, human research ethics reviewer and clinical research experience.

She is skilled in alternative and comparative medicine, clinical interventions and trials, medical diagnostics, hyperspectral retinal imaging for early dementia diagnosis, degenerative changes in the aging brain, Alzheimer’s Disease and more. With a Doctor of Philosophy – PhD, (Psychiatry and behavioural Neurosciences), Dr Shah’s research broadly focuses on early dementia diagnosis; clinical lifestyle and nutraceuticals intervention trials
for the prevention of dementia.

Her PhD work on lifestyle intervention has proved to be of translational potential as the intervention is part of a Phase III, NHMRC funded, international lifestyle trial for dementia risk reduction. She currently holds an Honorary Research Fellow position at Macquarie University, New South Wales.

Andy Harding is a long-time rider and committed member of the Bondi2Berry community.

I have had the great fortune of being a member of the Bondi2Berry family since my first ride back in 2018. I was introduced to the ride by a good friend and through the training rides, day rides and a multiple day ride the connection to the family has helped keep up my riding, fitness and general wellbeing. As one of the elder statesmen within the bunch I have a strong personal vested interest in the research into Dementia so let’s get on with the fundraising!!